Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Customer quilting today......

Ok, I had to drag myself down to the basement to work on the long arm.  I may regret it since it was so nice out today and it's not supposed to be nice out tomorrow, but I got one of my customer quilts on and off the long arm so that is a good thing.

This is a jelly roll quilt.  Sorry, I don't know the name of the jelly roll, but it is really pretty with it's soft yellows and light browns.  

I wanted to use a new-to-me panto called Gatsby.  

I really like how it looked on the quilt.  

It has everything....straight lines (which I made sure went in the opposite direction of the jelly roll strips) and it had curves (concave and convex).  For as open as this panto appears, it gave great coverage; and I am really pleased with how it turned out.  

I used a dark taupe thread (So Fine) since the top was light and the backing was very dark.  Overall, I think it blended in quite well. 

My customer always has such great backings for her quilts, too.  Pieced strings in the center and lovely dots on the outside.  

Well, I hope Nancy loves her quilt.  

Now on to the next customer quilt, but maybe a Hearts and Hand block tonight before I start that one.  heehee.....we will see.  

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  1. It's Sharon...again. I love that panto! It really looks great on that quilt!
    (You did miss a nice day...but there will be more....)



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