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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Getting there.

Three more of the Hearts and Hands blocks are done.  These were three of the previously prepped blocks.

I am not even going to count how many are left since my recent attempts at counting kept giving me different numbers, but I can see a light at the end of this tunnel.  There are just a handful of blocks to do.  Of course, I left the more difficult ones to last.  (insert rolling eyes here!)

All I can say is I am getting there and I am getting excited!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Layer cake project.

Recently when I was going through my sewing closet, cupboard, and drawers looking for a hand project, I came across two layer cakes.   I don't remember buying layer cakes, so I am thinking that the two that I have were either gifted to me or won at a retreat.  

This one was Strawberries and Lemonade.  I don't see myself using this one as I have made a whole quilt from this line of fabric already.

Then there is this one.

The name tag is missing, so I don't know what the line is, but I love the fresh colors in this one. 

If you have an idea of what line this is, I would greatly appreciate knowing since at this point, I may want to find something that would look good as a border.  
(Someone from Facebook gave me the name.  It is an April Cornell fabric line called Maypole) 

Anyways, some time back I had pulled this one out and not knowing what to do, I paired up fabrics and was going to make half square triangles out of the whole thing.  I did one set and it just didn't sing to me. It got put away for who knows how many years. 

Well, upon coming across them again, I did some research on line looking for patterns with layer cakes and have decided on the disappearing hourglass found on Missouri Star Quilt's site.  To add to this layer cake, I bought another one that is all white.  

Since I have already used two of the 10" squares, I will be short two blocks in this quilt, but I will work that out in the end.  

I am going to show you the process I took to come up with my block.

Take one colored one and one white one.

Lay them right sides together and stitch 1/4" all the way around.  

Cut diagonally.  

 Press to the colored side, trim the dog tails,and lay them out in an hourglass fashion.

Stitch these four blocks together.

Measure your block and then divide by 3.  

Cut yourself a 9-patch using that measurement.  My measurement is 4 1/4".  

Turn your center block one turn.

Take your four corner blocks and make sure the little points are pointing to the outside corners.  (It's interesting how each turn of a section makes a new  block that could make a whole different quilt!)  

The center block from each "outside" row is turned so that the HST is making a star point on the center block.

Sew your rows together.

You now have your Disappearing Hourglass block.  It makes a lovely star with a tiny hourglass in the outside corner.  

This is what four look like together.

I made these four blocks in preparation for taking the rest of the layer cake to a day-long sew-in at the local quilt shop with my quilting gal pals.  


Spent the day at the local quilt shop for my sew-in (6 hours).

How time flew!

I thought I would come out with a whole quilt top.  I guess I am delusional.  

I did come away with several blocks sewn together, but all fabrics were touched and taken to one stage of block construction or another.  So I can see this becoming a top very soon. 

All left over fabric pairs are sewn together.

Some were already cut on the diagonal

Some are  made into the hourglass blocks and ready for dissection.  

Here are the completed blocks at this point.  

So I guess there was a lot completed, just not a whole quilt yet.

Border/binding fabrics are  ordered and backing fabric is still being decided on; but I am very anxious to see this one come to fruition.  

Stay tuned for the finished quilt.  

Monday, April 17, 2017

Update on Hearts and Hands.

There are only a handful of blocks that need to be appliqued at this point, so I prepped 7 blocks to get me going.  

Here is the first of five that are alike.

Another one prepped is this one.

Then there is this five-layered one that was just  completed.

I have counted and recounted.  Don't know why I keep coming up with different numbers, but I am thinking that I am in a better position than I thought I was.  I am saying "today" that I have 15 more to go.  If that's the case, then I am thinking that just maybe this quilt will get done in the not too distant future. I just need to keep plugging away.  

Friday, April 14, 2017

Bound and determined this time around

I cannot put these quilt blocks away again.

To refresh your minds, I have been working sporadically on Hearts and Hands for EONS!!!

Here's a close up of the blocks.

When I recently pulled this UFO out of the bowels of my sewing closet, I went on a binge of making 31 paper pieced star burst blocks.  I nearly burned myself out; and this is where I probably would have put it away "again" for a year or two.  Those 31 blocks are done and added to the rest of the star burst blocks that I had already done.

There are 52 here.  Oh!  When I looked at the pattern, I was supposed to have 53.  Oh no!  I have to make another one of those?!!

Well, as I was  looking over my blocks, I found that I had one extra of a star burst that has just a few spires.  Ok.....I have decided to go with that and not make an extra one.  Thank goodness!

As I have been completing blocks (in the past), I have been pinning them to the pattern, so I am going to show you what I have completed so far.

These are some more paper pieced star bursts with a medium amount of spires and one applique block on this page.  

Here are all the other pages.  Where there is nothing.....I have to make one or more blocks. 

Do you get the idea that I have left the more complex blocks to last?  Yeah....that's probably what I did.

I have kept my working stash with the blocks.

I am really going to try and not add to this.  There should be enough fabric to complete 22 more blocks.  Wouldn't you say?

OK....wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Unearthed project......

I was digging around in the sewing room the other night  looking for a couple quick wool projects that I knew I had, but for some reason couldn't find.

What I did pull out was my Hearts and Hands quilt blocks that I started some time ago.  I had 31 of the paper pieced blocks prepped and ready to go.

I had the paper printed, the bottom fabric on each pile is the background and the top pile is the spires for the sunbursts.  

I made a couple and posted to a quilting group on Facebook and a friend (Rita) mentioned to me  that she had seen my blocks back in "2012" and loved them so much that she made her husband a quilt very similar.  Yes....made....meaning finished and gifted.  (sigh)

So....I felt the challenge.  I need to get this one done.

I laid out the block I was to work on.  Pattern, fabric, mini cutting mat, mini ruler, mini rotary cutter and my post card that I used to help me fold back the paper as I went so that I could trim to a 1/4" seam.  

I plugged away.  I was determined.  I am pooped.  I did these 31 in a matter of just 3-4 days.  

Starting out, each block took me a good 35 minutes to make.  I got that down to 25 minutes a piece.

Thirty-one blocks later the paper piecing is done. 

Stuart, the minion, was helping me and even he had to take a nap after doing these.  

My next step is to  rip paper off all 31.  

Then I will be appliqueing center circles  on each.  Those were made some time ago thank goodness.

Here are the blocks that I had made previously. 

I believe there are a total of 53 in this quilt.  

If you go to my sidebar and look at the  other pages of Hearts and Hands you will see that this quilt was not started in 2012 (which I thought was bad enough), but in January 2009.  Now I am really ashamed.  What you will see on those pages are a lot of the applique blocks that are in this quilt.  

Once these 31 blocks are done, I have about 21-22 more applique blocks to do.  I do have all the bits and pieces drawn out, so I just need to pick out fabrics for each (which are all in one spot).  I am going to keep plugging away at this quilt now that I am this close.  The next few blocks will be a little slower going, but as long as I keep it out and keep working on it, that will be a good thing and there might just be a finish in the foreseeable future.  

Cheer me on!  I need to get this one done before the Old Folks Home.