Monday, April 17, 2017

Update on Hearts and Hands.

There are only a handful of blocks that need to be appliqued at this point, so I prepped 7 blocks to get me going.  

Here is the first of five that are alike.

Another one prepped is this one.

Then there is this five-layered one that was just  completed.

I have counted and recounted.  Don't know why I keep coming up with different numbers, but I am thinking that I am in a better position than I thought I was.  I am saying "today" that I have 15 more to go.  If that's the case, then I am thinking that just maybe this quilt will get done in the not too distant future. I just need to keep plugging away.  


  1. That's right! Just Keep Plugging Away!
    (we can celebrate the finish with some frozen peach margaritas!)
    (Anonymous) Sharon

  2. I sometimes have a counting problem too. I found a place to order the pattern you are using and am debating if I would ever find time to make the quilt.


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