Monday, March 6, 2017

Two Bobbins Short......

Why does that title sound similar to "the lights are on, but no one is home"?  LOL

Anyways, I left a customer quilt on the machine because I ran out of my Fil-Tec prewound bobbins and was headed down to Kentucky to go to some classes with Judi Madsen at Quilted Joy and I knew she carried them.  Well, I made my purchases.

I was good and pretty much only bought what was on my shopping list. 

There are two containers of bobbins and I was just two bobbins short for Nancy's quilt which by the way I just finished a couple of hours ago.

It's a big one!

But let me tell you about my trip down to Kentucky.

Like I said it was at Quilted Joy which is run by my friend Angela Huffman.  It's an APQS showroom where you can rent machines, buy lots of sewing goodies and take classes.  She, also, hosts big name quilters who come and give classes which brings me to the reason I was there.

Judi Madsen from Fairy Quilts.  

I could inundate this blog post with her wonderful quilts, but here are just a few of her samples that she demonstrated for us.  

I do believe that her mantra is not "less is more" but "once you think there is enough, do more".  Her quilts and quilting are fabulous.  

Here's one of her great quilts.  

I hope you can see her quilting on this one.  It was amazing.  

Here's another one of her quilts.

Judi is adorable, funny and very talented.  

I will post more about the trip next time, but right now I am feeling like I want to try some of Judi's intense quilting and see how well I can do.  So, stay tuned for the rest of the trip and what I will have on the machine next.  Lots need to be done around here.


  1. Sometimes we say the elevator doesn't go all the way up. The machine quilting is beautiful!

  2. Looks like an amazing experience/class with Judi!
    Her quilting is always spectacular.



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