Wednesday, March 8, 2017

New Projects.....

I don't need new projects.  There are plenty of things in my sewing room that need to be finished or even just started that I have bought fabric for long ago; but on my way home from Kentucky last week I made the comment to Sharon that if she were interested, we could find a knit shop when we stopped for lunch.  

Well, I now have at least two lanes of Kentucky drivers  who are probably thinking "that crazy Michigander" who flew across two lanes when Sharon said "TAKE THIS EXIT!!!".  There was this cute little yarn shop called Knitwits Contemporary Yarn Shop that was just a hop, skip and jump from the exit.

I bought four skeins of yarn.  If you remember, I said I was going to put my needles away for awhile and that only lasted a month.

Anyways, there was this adorable little scarf made up in this cotton yarn and I ended up buying four skeins.

As you can see, one of the scarves is already made up.  They are quick and easy with a new-to-me loopy fringe.  The pattern was free with purchase of the yarn and I plan on making four.  Stay tuned for more scarves AND better pictures of the scarves

Then Sharon and I were talking about being buried in our fabric stash and that we needed to come up with something to make up quickly that would make us feel good about getting rid of some of that stash.

Sharon found this website that gives great dimensions on making the jelly roll quilts in all sizes using your stash rather than just purchasing a jelly roll.  

So, I pulled my navy, gold and red fabrics last night. 

I cut up 99% of them into 2 1/2" strips.  Of course, a lot of this fabric was not full widths, so I will probably sew like fabrics together to make my 42" strips.

I will do some measuring to make sure I have enough to make a good size quilt and probably donate this one to a Veteran's group.  

As to destashing.....unfortunately, this did not make a dent like I thought it would, but as quick as these string quilts go, there are always more to make.  

Ok, I need to get busy so I don't fall behind on my goal of getting things done this year.  


  1. Don't sew to make 42" as each strip is chopped to stagger the colours when sewn together. Just sew all you fabrics together when you start. It will look fantastic because your fabrics won't all be all the one length.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you make with all those fabric strips!
    Those yarns are gorgeous, I"m sure your scarves will be too.



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