Monday, February 27, 2017

So close, but no cigar.....

I have had two customer quilts that I have been working on and I used the same thread top and bottom for both of them.  White Glide on top (which has a very nice sheen and it picks up the colors of the quilt) and Fil-Tec prewound white bobbins on the bottom.  

Well, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to have enough of the bobbin thread for the second one.

I used up every inch of thread that I had left.  The above picture shows a couple of the bobbins that were left over from other projects.  We're talking "small" amounts here.

I was nearing the end of the second quilt, but had to stop here.

One more row of stars and a little bit of a border.  Hmph!  Drives one crazy.

Normally, I would have placed an order for more from Fil-Tec, but I am heading to Kentucky this week to Quilted Joy to take a few classes from Judi Madsen and I know I can get them there.  So, that is the plan.

So far this is what the quilting on this quilt looks like though.  It is the Bush Berry panto.  

As usual, I love Nancy's quilts.  Don't you just love the backing she chose for this quilt?

So this one is going to sit and wait for me to get back.  It really didn't have a choice.  Either wait for the mailman to deliver an order or wait for me to get back from Kentucky. 

In the meantime, I will show you the first of the two quilts that I did with this thread.  This is another one of Nancy's quilts. 

Yellow and blue checkerboard.

On this quilt, I used the Chantilly panto.  I think it looks so feminine.  

Here's the back on this one.  


Ok....I am off.  I will have lots to report after taking my classes with Judi.  I should come home with a wealth of information in my head that I am going to want to try out right away. 

So, stay tuned for  my new adventure.


  1. I love the quilt on the frame, especially that yellow background that just sets it off perfectly. It's a gorgeous quilt. And I love the panto you're quilting. The classes sound great and I know you'll have a great time in KY.

  2. Safe travels and have an awesome time at your classes!
    Looking forward to seeing pictures upon your return.



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