Wednesday, February 22, 2017

On a roll...

I am still participating in the 20 minutes a day sewing challenge for February and I am knocking the UFOs out of the park.  Yeah! 

Quilted a customer's pink baby quilt with "angel wings".

Some little baby is going to love this one. 

I finished my Garden Chevrons.  Pieced it, quilted it, bound it and even washed and dried it to give it that crinkly look.

Got my star quilt pieced, quilted and bound.   

It, too, is washed and dried and all nice and crinkly.

I even found the backing and binding in my stash to complete this one without having to go shopping.  That's always a good feeling.  

Then there was my mother's quilt that she made in 1998 that needed new binding. (a twin to one I did a little over a year ago)

I finished that and now it is in the cupboard along with the other antiques handed down to me from parents and in-laws.

I, also, tried cutting a few strips of fabric to try out some blocks for the next large quilt that I am going to make.  It is a two-colored quilt.

I wanted to see how much cutting I would have to do for this one or maybe I will just go rent a Go Cutter at the local quilt shop if it is too much.  I am still going to think about this one.  

It is going  to be set aside for a little while as I have some customer quilts to do first.  

I don't think this is bad for this month especially when I feel like I have had nothing to show for so long.  

Ok...gotta get busy on those customer quilts.

Stay tuned.  


  1. Congratulations you've gotten a LOT accomplished this Month! All of your quilts look fabulous.

  2. Wow, you're busy and with lots of great results. So many wonderful quilts!



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