Sunday, February 12, 2017

Give me a straight seam any old day......

Who in their right mind would say "I want to make a quilt that is all Y-seams?"

Me....but was I thinking that when I fell in love with this quilt?  Noooooo!

I saw this quilt in a Fons and Porter magazine called Quilty and after receiving a jelly roll from my friend Sandy, I just knew the two were made for each other.

I first started cutting out this quilt and talked about it here. and again here.

I started this quilt back in February of last year to work on at a quilt retreat in May.  Not everyone loves doing paper piecing, but all the blocks were paper pieced and I figured that would make making this quilt easy.  I didn't read ahead or really understand when it said that all the seams were "set in".  That's a nice way of saying Y-seams (why?-seams).  Maybe I would have thought twice before deciding to make this one.  

Anyways, the blocks have been done for 10 months and have just sat there on a pile.  You just gets in the way.  

I picked up the blocks the other day and marked all the 1/4" corners to help with making those numerous Y-seams.

That was 69 blocks with six corners each.  Below you can see where I have marked the corner on one of these blocks.  

I do have to say that this really helped. 

I laid out all the blocks and then did some rearranging.  I felt that some of those reds needed to be spread out a bit more.  

This was my final layout.  

First day I had pieced half of the quilt. 

Then day two I pieced the second half and added the borders (which were set in seams, too!).  I really thought I was going to find an easier way to piece this, but that wasn't to be.  

The borders are on.

Next the top and bottom need to be trimmed straight and it needs a good pressing.  Binding needs to be made.  Backing needs to be pieced and then it is on the "to be quilted" pile.  

I am excited about this quilt, so hopefully it will be quilted very soon.  Just have to think of how I want to quilt it.

Stay tuned.


  1. Love the colors and the pattern! Looks great!

  2. Spectacular.
    So, just how difficult/tricky are those y-seams? I've never attempted them but your quilt is so attractive that...well, you know.

    Joanne in Massachusetts

  3. Thank you Brenda. Joanne ....well all I can say is that I am pretty good at y-seams now. I sewed each straight section stopping and starting at the 1/4" and then cut my thread instead of trying to turn the corner. I repeated that process all the way though and I think it turned out pretty good. I had to rip very little doing this. I was afraid if I tried to keep my needle down and turn the corner, that I would have bunching going on. This way worked for me. Like I said.....after so many, I guess I am an expert. I wouldn't be afraid to do it again. Sorry you were both "no replies". Hope you see my response here.

  4. Its all about that 1/4" mark. If you can hit it right, then it is a dream, if not, the nightmares begin. Love the colors/prints in this. It's a fabulous design, and I'm thrilled you shared it with us.


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