Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Hard to keep up with the blog when everything you have been working on lately has been a secret ...or at least it seems that way.  

There has been secret sewing, secret knitting and secret quilting.  Even though there has been some projects to report on, it was almost easier to just stay silent so as not to spill the beans,  plus I've been pretty busy.  

I did finish the knit set that I bought this yarn for.

I've just been waiting for a good hair day, good makeup day and a photographer.  :D

Oh heck....all three of those aren't going to happen in one day, so here's what I have.

Another project that has been completed is my friend Nancy's quilt.  A couple of health reasons kept putting this one on the back burner for me.  At one point I had it on the long arm and then took it off for some Christmas quilting and then it got back on with full intentions of getting it done and back to her and then I put my back out.  With that problem, I could only spend short spurts of time at the long arm, but it is completed now.

This was a mystery quilt at a retreat that we attended last year.  

Here are some close ups of the winding feathers and the straight line ruler work that I did.

It shows up nicely on the back, too.  

The next project that I am picking up is some blocks that I made at a retreat last year.

These are going to have to be pieced together with y-seams, so I spent some time marking all the 1/4" seam intersections for these 69 blocks.  I am hoping that this will make it easier for me and more desirable to get at this one now.  

Here is my final layout of the blocks.

I am pretty sure it is the final layout.  You never know until it comes time to start stitching, but I am motivated to get at this one because I would really like to have this as a quilt.  

Anyways, if all goes as planned, I will be able to post my "secret" projects very soon.

So keep on quilting/sewing/knitting or whatever keeps your hands busy until I can reveal my secrets.  

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  1. That knit set is Gorgeous!
    You did a beautiful job quilting your friends mystery quilt. Love those winding feathers!
    Your retreat project looks a bit complex to sew- but also very pretty.



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