Tuesday, February 14, 2017

20 minutes a day......

There is a private quilting group that I follow on Facebook and a challenge was presented to us to sew for at least 20 minutes a day for the month of February.  It was started to help chase away the winter blues that many of us have when we are couped up in the house on these long, cold, winter days and nights.

I have  to say that so far I have been  following along.  My 20 minutes usually end up to be hours and even though there have been times that I have to force myself to get into the the sewing room .....even those times turn into hours.

That explains my getting some of my UFOs completed.  

Garden Chevrons is trimmed up and stay stitched.

I pieced together the backing for this quilt and made the binding to set it aside for when I am ready.  I just love this backing material.

It's on the "to be quilted" pile.

Then I picked up my daughter's quilt that I told her I would bind for her.  Got that one done and out of the house.

Another one sitting around staring at me was the Diamond Detour.  Half of this was put together at the Shipshewana retreat that I went to last year.  Makes me wonder why it has been sitting around so long unfinished.  Half of it is pieced and all the blocks were made.

It is now a top.

The backing is pieced, too; and now it is on the "to be quilted" pile.  I just love this backing material, too.

I had my eye on another quilt that has been hanging on the design wall for.....oh...I don't even want to think how long; but the rows have been together that long and each row was numbered so I knew which order to sew them.  I just need to DO IT!

These were from a star exchange amongst my mini group (The Quilty Chicks).  We saw an antique quilt made up in an antique shop and decided we wanted to make one for ourselves, so to get even more of a variety, we did the exchange.

I now have rows done up in pairs.

Now it is a top measuring 50" x 55".

I am loving this quilt.    Now I am going to scrounge through my stash and see if I have something appropriate for the backing to avoid having to go buy more fabric.  We'll see how that goes.  

If I can get these tops done and quilted, too,  I will actually have to go looking for more UFOs that I know are hiding somewhere in my sewing room.  They are just not out there staring at me like these were.  

So, I challenge you to just sew 20 minutes a day and you will be surprised just how much you can get done.  I know I intend to keep up this pace because the reward is so great.  

Happy quilting.


  1. You are making fabulous progress on your UFO's for February!
    Love the Garden Chevrons top,the Diamond Detour top AND your Stars. All 3 are gorgeous!
    Congratulations.... you are really on a roll now.

  2. This post is SO true. I've been surprised sometimes when I've pulled out a UFO only to find it was almost a top??? Now I have boxes that go on sew days, and I've been cutting in advance so the blocks are all ready to stitch together. I'm whittling down the UFO piles as well. It feels really GOOD. I want 3 projects on the go, one piecing, one hand appliqued and one hand quilting, that is enough to feed my soul



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