Friday, February 17, 2017

Christmas in February

It's taken my mini group and myself until February to get together for our little Christmas get together and gift exchange.  Life has been pretty crazy for a couple of us, but yesterday was the day and did we have a good time talking, eating, sharing our show'n'tell and exchanging gifts.

I got to finally reveal my secret sewing.....

I made them the knitting needle/project bags and gave them each a bottle of Salted Caramel Kahlua with these secretly knitted little toppers on them.  (Theirs were the variegated pompom ones)

They were, also, gifted an ergonomically correct rotary cutter that I came across at the Houston quilt show last November.  This is from Martelli and is used so totally different than what we are used to.  I like mine.

Sharon's gifts to us were this variety of goodies.

Graph paper (which I will be using soon at some classes with Judi Madsen), some binding clips (I have been wanting to try these out), Best Press (I've been out!), nail file, some adorable matches that go with the Citrus Basil candle that I am burning as I write this.....mmmmm, smells wonderful. I love them all. 

Nancy's gift to us were these adorable miniature suitcases.

In the smallest one was the cutest little sewing tin/kit along with three small bottles of Best Press (for when we go on retreats)

The middle one had some great flannel FQs and a larger piece of flannel with a little pattern.

The largest suitcase had these wonderful Crayola (and we actually thought it was sidewalk chalk) rolls of solids.  How cute is that?  Then there were some FQs from Nancy's stash (she has the best stash) of red/white/blue fabrics.  The other object in there is a magnetic (extending) wand with an LED light at the end.  (I could have used that last week when I dropped a whole box of needles on my living room floor!)

That was some fun stuff!  

I will share some of the show'n'tell.  My stuff you have seen in the past.  In fact, you may have seen some of Nancy's below because I quilted a couple of them for her, but I always love looking at her lovely quilts. 

This one is very picnic-y.

This one I quilted and is folded on itself, but one of my favs.

This is one I quilted and is her tiny courthouse steps.

I, also, quilted this one and love the black and white stripe binding she used.  


I am going to save our neutral taupe challenge that we revealed yesterday for my next post.  I was in awe of the different quilts that we made with the same fabric, but I didn't want to overload this post with too many pictures.  So....if you are interested in seeing the outcome of our challenge, stay tuned for the next post.  


  1. Oh what a fun day you all must have enjoyed. Love love love all the gifts!

  2. what great gifts and show and tell! Better late than never with all that fun!

  3. what great gifts! love seeing the quilts too.


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