Friday, October 7, 2016

Feeling like a slug......

I have been on a bit of a forced hiatus from the long arm the last few weeks and I think that is why I am feeling like a slug, but I have been managing to get some knitting in. 

This PurlSoho  slouch hat was a breeze to make.  

It still needs blocking at this point.  

Then I needed to just "start" a shawl that my sister-in-law and I are doing together.  We are going to take them  along on a trip next month. the's to the Houston Quilt show.  Yikes!  I am so excited about that!!  Then to top THAT off, we are taking a side trip down to Waco to visit Magnolia.  Do you know about Magnolia? should!  (I stand corrected......we will be going "up" to Waco from Houston.  :D  )  Stay tuned for the adventures of Thelma and Louise!

Anyways, I was just to get this started but got carried away with one of my colors.  Instead of changing yarns for the next stripe, I kept knitting away and then realized  I had to rip it out.  So my reasoning was to use up the yarn that I had ripped out so that I wasn't traveling with this huge "nest" of thread. kind of took me a ways into the shawl before that was cleaned up.  It is now packed up and ready for the trip.  This is going to be lovely when done.  

Then to keep my hands busy,  I pulled out a shawl that I had in hibernation due to the fact that I had so much quilting to do. (I am rolling my eyes here since I still have a lot of quilting to do but it is funny how things work out).

Since I haven't been sewing, I felt I could work on this a bit.  I am adding square seed beads to the eyelet edge of this shawl.  I am running out of my beads, so had to order more, but this one is  coming along nicely.  In fact, I only have one more row of eyelet to go and then I will be binding off in six rows.  YES!!!  

Even though I haven't been quilting, I did have a customer drop off a quilt this past weekend.  I thought maybe I could manage this one as she just wanted a simple panto done on it.  So Emma's quilt did get done. 

Emma and her mom requested that I  use the popcorn panto on it with ivory So Fine thread on top and ivory Omni thread in the bobbin.  My Millie made doing this quilt really easy.  I feel fortunate to have such a good machine to make my sewing life so much easier.  

Hopefully soon, I will be in full swing with the quilting.

I guess I am not such a slug, but when it is quilting that I would rather be doing and I see my pile sitting there not getting done....oh well.  I should be happy that all this knitting is getting done and my yarn stash isn't growing like my fabric stash has grown in the past.

Happy knitting or quilting or whatever you are accomplishing!


  1. You and your sister could go south to LaGrange to the Texas Quilt Museum. There is a special collection there .... then head north to Waco!!!! Three quilt events sounds grand to me.

  2. Have a great, quilty filled trip - will look forward to seeing your postings!!! That buttery yellow yarn is making me salivate - what a gorgeous color!

  3. You've accomplished some really beautiful knitting projects!
    Safe travels on your exciting adventure to Houston and Waco.
    Hope you get to meet Joanna & Chip during your travels. (grin)



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