Friday, October 14, 2016

Getting my mojo back......

The SpinDrift shawl is completed and blocked.

This yarn is so luxurious.  I wish you could feel it.  

I wish, too, that you could see the number of beads I added to the eyelet edge.  It just sparkles!

On completing this shawl and prior to blocking it, I felt the need to get my knitting needles and crochet hooks in order. My plan was to put the  knitting away for awhile now and get back to sewing.  I think there were about four different places in my house that I was storing the original storage area in my old craft room (I moved my sewing room into one of the kid's rooms once they moved out), in a basket with yarn in it, in the new sewing room  and some needles still in projects waiting to be completed.  

I had been saving this needle bag tutorial from YouTube for awhile and this seemed like the time to dust off the machine and make one so that I could store all my needles in one place.  

This is what I came up with.

It holds my 14" needles with no problem.  

Once I started getting all the needles corralled, I was compelled to clean out a couple of my craft drawers.  Then that lead to my going through my yarn stash.  All I wanted to do was put my needles in their new case; and all of a sudden this turned into a whole days job!

I have to say though that I got all my unfinished projects organized (there really aren't that many knitting projects) and loaded onto my Ravelry account.  The extra "good" yarn even got put into my Ravelry stash.  

I came across a yarn of my mothers that  looked as though she had started to make a dish cloth, so I ended up making two trying to use up her yarn.


These type of cloths don't take that long to make.  

On the quilting scene, I threw  this 48" sq.  Fall lap top on the long arm.  This was a quicky.

It will be off to the owner this weekend.  

I have a couple more weeks to go before heading off to Houston.  Hmmm....what can I get done?


  1. Would love to have your washcloth pattern. I know it should be "everywhere" but I don't have it and miss the clothes that my Grandmother and Aunt use to make. I know I could knit a washcloth with a pattern. lol

  2. Getting our "stuff" organized can be a real challenge - how much time I lose looking for something??! Finally took my long French baguette hanging basket (which never did hold bread) and all my knitting needles go in there. But really like your zippered pouch!!! The golden yellow shawl is stunning - you can be very proud of that - wearing it to Houston?? People will be stopping you in the aisles asking where you got it!!

  3. O.m.gosh... your Spindrift shawl is GORGEOUS!
    And I love your needle bag - it's so practical and pretty!
    I had to laugh as I can totally understand your reasoning and compulsion to organize your yarn projects after completing this bag.
    Funny how a single thought can pull you in the opposite direction and then down the "rabbit hole" so quickly and completely.

    Beautiful job quilting that lovely fall quilt too.
    I'd say that you've been wonderfully busy and super productive this week!


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