Monday, September 12, 2016

The enabler........

She knows who she is.  

It never fails.....when I visit my sister-in-law up at the lake house, we tend to go to knit shops; and we went to two new ones to boot.  I had no intention of buying anything!!

At KnitKnorth in Traverse City, MI, I picked up this beautiful "Crazy Yarn" from StoneHedge Mills.  It is a self-striping yarn and the pattern used is called "100 x Simple".  

These are my choices of yarns and they read "cool" colors.  I know....I just couldn't resist.

My sister-in-law and I will name her here......Maria (the enabler) .....chose colors that read warm.

I think we quilters just get caught up in all the beautiful colors when we go into knit shops.  I certainly know that is my problem when I go into a quilt shop. 

Anyways,I thought I would show the progress after knitting up each ball of yarn.  Here I have one skein down, three to go.  You should have been there for this shot.   As I was setting up the skeins of yarn, one of them decided to roll down the paddle board.  I figured it would stop at the end. dropped off onto the sandy beach.  Did it stop there?  No.  It decided to continue to roll into the water.  That would have been a great photo op except there was a bit of an ebb and tide and I was watching my skein slowly drift out from shore.  I had to hustle to get it before getting more than my shoes wet.  Oh well.  That was cause for a little excitement!

Here we are at two skeins down and two to go. The white row is my provisional row and is removed at the end of the process.  

Three down and one to go.  It wasn't as easy as you would think when it came to trying to figure out if you should start your next skein in the middle or the outside of the skein,   Hard to imagine what the colors will look like side by side.  

Here I have knitted all four skeins and taken the provisional row off and loaded it onto another set of needles.  

The kitchener stitch attached the two ends.

The next two pictures are the front and back AFTER blocking the scarf.

There sure ended up being a lot of colors in this scarf.  I figured there were between 6-8 colors per skein.  

Even though we are still having some very warm weather, I thought I would model the scarf.  Not that I am wishing Winter here too soon, but I can't wait to wear this one.  It is 100% merino wool and I am loving it.  

Now to get back to quilting


  1. I bought wool that makes the same scarf while I was at a Craft Show. My scarf will be green, brown, grey, and orange. I'm hoping it turns out as good as yours.

  2. Your quilt turned out really beautiful!
    Those spontaneous purchases sometimes yield the best results.
    What a fun adventure you had and knitting on the beach... sounds delightful!

  3. That scarf looks beautiful on you!

  4. Love the look of your knitted scarf - very fun colors! Also enjoyed the visual you gave us of that skein rolling down into the water...glad you were able to retrieve it before it disappeared into the lake!!


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