Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Grandma's Quilt

This is the name my customer gave her quilt that I just quilted for her.  

For reference sake, I am calling it Crosses in Squares.  

I was having trouble coming up with a quilt design on this one so put it out there amongst my long arm friends and it was suggested I do feathers and some ruler work in the crosses.  Thanks Shirley.  Sometimes when the fabrics are so busy, it is hard to decide what to do with a quilt and then you resort to a panto, but in this case, I don't think the feathers are lost in the design. 

So, here are some  close-ups of the quilting.

Before I had even seen the backing for this quilt, I had decided on using a melon (orange-y) colored thread for the quilting.  (So Fine top and bottom).  Orange just seemed to shine through on this quilt.

Then I saw the backing. 

I guess orange was the right choice.  

Sure hoping my customer likes this one.  


  1. Your customer will love it for sure. Well done!

  2. I see lots of dots, checks, and plaids. Nice, nice quilt.


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