Sunday, April 10, 2016

Needing to get moving......

There is a pile of quilting that needs to be done; but last week I held a Beginner's Class for new APQS machine owners and rather than put a quilt on the machine, I bought some pretty fabric to demonstrate loading a quilt, thread tension, doing pantos, etc. 

We used the Daisies Galore panto.

Today I decided to complete that piece of fabric. 

Used chartreuse thread for a little "pop".   (excuse the camera cord in this picture) 

Here's the backing.  


I can see myself buying this fabric again and doing some funky quilting in each of those blocks (squares).  

I am going to bind this one up and donate it as a charity quilt.  

Anyways, it is off the machine and I have loaded my li'l twister pumpkin
just to get warmed up for the next two "custom" quilts that I need to do.  

I plan on doing some McTavishing on this one.  It should be quick and easy.  

Although, this week is going to be very busy what with retirement and all the partying I will be doing!!!

Stay tuned as I am really looking forward to having lots of time to quilt now.  


  1. I love it when you get things done because I know how happy it makes you!
    (it was a good weekend for longarmers!)
    Anonymous Sharon

  2. Enjoy this last week celebrating your retirement!
    Super Congratulations to you!!!
    Love your Little Twister and look forward to seeing some of your "McTavishing" work on it.

  3. Congrats on the retirement! Woohoo!! I am so busy now, I don't know how I had the time to work.

  4. That fabric makes a very cute charity quilt. Good luck with your retirement. Most of the 'retired' people are busier now than they were before they retired. GretchensLittleCorner,


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