Friday, April 8, 2016

Busy, busy, busy.....

#1:  Been busy working on the shawl that I shared with you a short time ago.  It's called "Flirty".

Knitting away.....

Off the needles.

Wrapping yarn to prep for fringe.

Cutting fringe

Fringe is made.

Soaking prior to blocking. 

On the blocking wires and drying.

Pulled the wires.

Just finished applying the fringe.

I'd model it, but I am in my PJs and that wouldn't show how pretty this shawl has turned out.  

#2:  I was busy for a couple of days prepping for giving my first Beginner's Class for new owners of APQS machines. After stressing over that for a few days, I calmly conducted the class and think I did an OK job on it .  

#3:  I put in for retirement at work . Yikes!!! Life is going to change around here for me.  I will have more time to quilt!!  Can't complain about that, but then on the other hand, I think I will miss my regular routine that I have had for over 20 years.  Of course I say that now.  I will probably change my mind quickly on that one.  :D

#4:  Have the extra fabric that I need to complete the cutting out of my first quilt retreat coming up later this month.  So, that is my next project to get completed.  So, hopefully, I will have more quilty things to share very soon.

Thanks for stopping by.  


  1. Your shawl is simply beautiful. Glad to hear of another quilter-knitter. Which do you like better? It's very difficult for me to decide. It depends on the day and what I'm working on. Good luck with your retirement.

  2. Congratulations for putting in for retirement! Trust me, it won't take too long to develop a new routine. Retirement is so underrated. ;-)

  3. Anonymous Sharon here…Looks awesome, Faye!

  4. Your shawl turned out so fabulous - the fringe is icing on the cake! Congratulations on retirement - you probably all ready realize your days will be busier than ever!! But they will be your days:-)



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