Saturday, April 23, 2016

My original intent......

I planned on posting tonight about all the lovely quilts that I saw today at my guild's quilt show.....
Quilts From the Attic, and I will but first I have to share this. 

I put one quilt in the Beyond the Cherry Trees. 

This was a Viewer's Choice only show for all categories. 

I took Best Applique


I, also, took Best of Show!!!!

I am so excited and so thankful!  I am still pinching myself.

Ok....there were plenty of other lovely quilts in the show, so I will show you the ones that were favorites of mine, but my pictures just don't do them justice.

You can see I love black quilts with bright colors.  

Always love Christmas. 

Loved the dimension on this one.  

This New York Beauty was one of my favorites.  

Always love quilts with French General fabric.  

Loved the quilting on this Geisha. 

Loved the leafy quilting on the two previous quilts.  Funny how when you become a longarmer you tend to look at the quilting and forget to look at the quilt.  

This was a paper pieced log cabin!

I have always loved owls.

The quilting on this bargelo intrigued me.  

Lots of beautiful New York Beauties.  

The next two are my friend, Sharon's,  Bonnie Hunter quilts.  I still can't imagine doing all those little pieces, but they sure turn out beautiful! 

There were plenty more quilts and lots of vendors to keep you oohing and ah-ing the whole time you were there.  

Sure hope I will be able to sleep tonight being on Cloud Nine and all.  :D


  1. Wow! What a great quilt show! And you absolutely deserve both ribbons. Congratulations.

  2. Anonymous Sharon here…I'm so thrilled for you! When they called your name I couldn't help but yell out WooHoo!
    (It was kind of loud, wasn't it?) Congratulations!!

  3. congratulations! Wonderful quilt - I also love the Flag quilt.

  4. Beautiful quilt! Congratulations on the ribbons! I love Sharon's quilts, I am a Bonnie Hunter fan also. :)

  5. SERIOUSLY...Your quilt is DDG...deserved every ribbon!!! Absolutely STUNNING! I would love to see this one in person! Congratulations!

  6. Well deserved congratulations on your winners. The ribbons are quite attractive. I assume guild members made them.

  7. So tickled for you!! Your BTCT quilt has earned all that fabulous recognition. The quilt show sure displayed some fascinating works & the ribbon headers are beautifully done. You will just have to grab a nap to make up for loss sleep - much more fun to enjoy savoring those happy moments:-)

  8. Fantastic. I loved the mixed backgrounds you chose, it really adds to the design,I hope you post on the BTCT blog to update those readers. I am still plugging away on the hand quilting. I had it out yesterday afternoon,

  9. Congratulations! So well deserved on both of them. Always loved watching your progress on Under the Cherry Tree! So glad you are a fellow quilter and APQS owner!!! Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

    1. Marilyn, thank you on all accounts. need to come join us at the cottage so that we can meet!!!There are openings.


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