Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Still looking for handwork.....

......for while I am sitting with my mom who is in hospice; and still needing handwork to keep me busy during the long hours at  my mom and dad's apartment. 

Dad asked me to fix the two twin-sized quilts that my mom made back in 1998.  

Both of them have been used on their beds probably since the day she made them and they were getting pretty frayed at the edges. 

You can see here that she brought the front of the quilt to the back for her binding and with it being only a single layer, it didn't take much to wear right through.  

I released the hand stitching on the back  of just one of them and the binding literally fell off.  

I had a couple of free hours the other day, so ran to a quilt shop that I knew had a variety of solids and found a blue that matched pretty closely. 

Here is the first repaired quilt.  

The second one has some major stains on it, so I am trying to remove them before working on the binding; but I have to say that hand stitching the binding down at my folk's place sure helped to pass the time a little more quickly AND I felt some accomplishment at getting at least one of their quilts repaired.  

Now...if I can just get the stains out of the second one, I will have another binding to work on.  


  1. I know those can be long hours, binding is one of my favorite parts of the process. Have you considered either Clorox2 or soaking in oxyclean. Good luck, the quilts are beautiful and you new binding turned out great.

  2. Well done on replacing the binding. Good luck with those stains.

  3. Beautiful job repairing that binding!
    Wishing you continued success on the 2nd quilt!
    Your Mom made 2 very lovely wedding ring quilts, wonderful they will be preserved.

  4. Yes, the hand stitching does seem to make the time go by a little quicker. I guess when your hands are busy......... right? What about basting a few hexagons, you never now when they might just add a little pop as an appliqued?

  5. Such pretty quilts, it's good that you can do the needed mending. Being there for your mom is the best gift of all.

  6. Stitching and repairing 2 quilts means they are so loved and bring comfort to each night's sleep. Thinking of you - stay strong and take care of yourself.



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