Monday, November 23, 2015

Should've, could've, didn't.

I started this quilt in 2006. Rows were put together back then.

This was August 27, 2006

Sounds awful, doesn't it?  or does it sound familiar?

I collected 2000 different fabrics for this 1" thimble quilt by going through my stash, going through my friends' stashes and even picking garbage at quilt retreats.  For some reason, I got it in my head that a "charm quilt" had to have 2000 pieces.  That was back in 2006.  I no longer believe that and know better now.  

But, let's come back to 2015.  I decided now was the time to get this quilt done.  
It was all hand pieced ( my own personal challenge), so back in February 2015 I pieced the rows together.

Then I went shopping for a border.  The border is, also, hand pieced with straight lines at the top and bottom and the sides were actually appliqued to the border as they still had the thimble shape.  I didn't want to cut them straight for fear that I would cut my knots.

You can see some closeups here where I was appliquing the sides to the border.  

I decided I wanted this quilted using the Baptist Fan.  I just knew if I waited until I had the time or the energy to "hand quilt" this quilt, it would be another umpteen years before it got done.  

So, since I wanted perfection (another one of my downfalls I suppose), I didn't want to try it on my longarm with just a stencil  or a panto and didn't want to purchase the several hundred dollar mechanism called Circle Lord that would give me the effect that I wanted,  I sent it off to my friend Ruthie who owns the Circle Lord.  

I got it back from her the other day.

I was searching my stash for a good "burnt red" for the binding.  I found the perfect fabric, but  no way did I think I had enough for the binding (I usually only buy a 1/4 yard or else yardage), but just for the heck of it I figured out how many strips I needed and did the math and lo and behold, I did have enough.  I didn't have to go on the search for the perfect color and fabric for my binding at the local quilt stores.

I sewed it down that same night and took it to my mom's to hand stitch down while sitting with her.  

Here is the finished project, front and back.

So, I say, I should have hand quilted this one only because it deserved it what with the whole quilt being hand pieced.  I could have done it, but then "would I" in the next decade?  Obviously, I didn't; but I can say I have another UFO done and I am happy with that. 


  1. What a beautiful finish!
    I'll bet if feels fabulous to have this amazing quilt finally done.
    Well worth the time it took to make - this will surely be a treasured quilt! Congratulations!

  2. Quilting lives are filled with too many shoulds, coulds & woulds...You can sit back & feel a satisfied sense of accomplishment with Finished!! Excellent choice of the curvy quilting design when used on that amazing collection of squares. All those charm squares will read like a dictionary of fabrics that are available to 21st century quilters. Great job!

  3. I know many quilters made "millennium" quilts with 2000 pieces; that's probably where you got the idea. I like what "taylorsoutback" said about this quilt being a "dictionary". I hope it sticks around!

    Having the right binding shows that it was "meant to be"...finished! Finished is better than perfect (or ideal!)

  4. Done is GRAND. The thimbles look fab and done is Grand. I finished a hand sew quilt and felt it need hand quilting but don't know if I have another 13 years.... so the quilter is doing it and I will enjoy the done just fine. My quilt does not have nicely mitered corners or a dreamy back but like yours it is will done and done is GRAND. :-)

  5. Faye - what an accomplishment and it is so pretty! I know I sent you some fabric but can't remember or identify any of it. Just happy that there might be a few pieces from me that are in this quilt. It is a gorgeous, family heirloom! Well done!

  6. You did such a great job on this. It's so special. Way to go!

  7. That's just beautiful, Faye!
    Sharon G!

  8. I love your scrap charm quilt. What a challenge to have hand pieced the whole thing including the borders. I don't think I know of anyone who has ever pieced a border on such a big quilt by hand, Beautiful finish with the Baptist Fan too. I bought a panto of BF, but have not used it yet. I also wanted to say that I have been absent from reading Clara's site and most blogs that I did not know about your mom. Sorry to hear but so glad you are able to be one of her caregivers. My prayers are with you for strength and patience. I know how hard that task is.



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