Friday, November 7, 2014

A Little Retail Therapy......

Had a couple days to myself this week.  No work, no babysitting, nothing.
So did a little shopping for myself, clothes, lunch, home dec, but the best day was with my gal pals today.  Lunch and a couple of quilt shops. Not that I need any new projects or any fabric, so I decided to dig in the stash for a couple of "panels" that I thought I had and was going to buy Minkee for the backs of these.

Since my friend, Sharon, over at has been having such great success with Minkee, I thought I would give that a try. So for the above fabric, I bought white Minkee to back this.  No borders are needed for this as it is a good size for a baby quilt. 
Then there was this panel.
It was super narrow, so I thought I would look for some fabric to border it. Now mind you...this panel is OLD and I wasn't sure I could find anything that would match, but look what I found.
There's the mini yellow border, the teal-ish dots and the teal-y blue binding.  I think it is going to work out just great.  For this quilt, I bought a soft yellow Minkee.
Now, I have to admit while looking for those "panels" that I thought I still had after several years, I was finding a ton of "baby" fabrics.  I don't need to buy anymore baby fabric for a very long time.  In fact, I just have to remember to look in this one box and I could probably made a dozen baby quilts.  Those fabrics just call my name and thinking that size of quilt should be quick and easy.  Problem have to make them and not let the fabric just sit.  So, maybe if I get busy on these two quilts, I will relieve some of the anxiety I was feeling when I was re-discovering all these fabrics.
Anyways, while looking through this box, I came across some cupcake fabric.  I think I will make a pillowcase out of this.  That will be one more project done and out of the box. 
I have another project that I have started collecting fabrics for.  Hey?!!  Didn't I say I don't need more fabric or more projects?  Gosh....isn't that the way it always goes?!!!
But I want to make this quilt in grays and yellows.  Not sure yet what color I will use as the background (gray or yellow), but I think it will showcase pretty fabrics in the diamonds
Well, before I can get started on my quilting again, I had to finish a knitted infinity scarf for my daughter-in-law's birthday.  So, I did that tonight.
It measures 36 x 8.  I will post pictures of this again when she tries it on AND the poncho that I recently finished for my second daughter's birthday. 
So, I guess I have been busy after all.  It may not have been quilting, but  I am always working on one project or another. 
Hopefully I will have some finished quilt tops and quilts to show you soon.  I am feeling motivated after being with friends and shopping in the quilt shops, so get ready!


  1. Loving the yarn for the scarf…do you remember what it is or where it came from?
    I had fun today…and I came home and went right to the sewing room. Progress on comfort quilt to be posted soon, I hope!

  2. I am so glad you have a few days to yourself. What fun!! Just goes to show you, though, that looking through your stash can be dangerous! Great projects!!



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