Saturday, November 8, 2014


Don't get me wrong.  I love minkee.  It's the softest stuff around and so cuddly. My phobia comes into being when I think about "working" with it; but today I have been trying to overcome that.
I bought this adorable blue elephant minkee at Jackman's in St. Louis, MO  with just the thought of slapping two pieces together, stitching them, turning them right sides out and stay stitching a border and that was that.  It's been in the bag at least 3-5 years.   
My fear came into being when about 9-10 years ago I bought a couple pieces of minkee for a couple of those drag around baby blankets that have  teddy bear heads attached to the corner.  Well, when the gal at the quilt shop cut it for me, there was this "cloud" of fuzz everywhere.  I am thinking to myself....."I can't have that in my sewing room!!!"  being a somewhat clean freak.  Thus, those pieces are still in the bag. 
Well, since my friend has told me there is nothing to it when it comes to using minkee on the backs of quilts, I purchased two pieces yesterday for two panel-type baby quilts and I am going to give it a try. I truly believe the "newer" minkees are less fuzz producing than the originals. 
So, while I was at it, I decided to pull the blue elephant fabric out (since that one should be a no-brainer) and made this little number.
It's not quilted and never was intended to be quilted.  I was just copying what the quilt shop had as a sample.    It's just going to be a cuddle blanket for the youngest grandson. 
My other two pieces will probably wait a bit since I will have to re-introduce myself to my embroidery part of my machine.  The teddy bears will have embroidered faces.
Then on to the next project (actually the above one was the last one of the day).  I had to add borders to my skinny panel and now that is ready to be quilted onto the yellow minkee backing.
Binding is already made, too.  So, I have no excuses. This now measures something like 38 x 48 which is much better than the 22 x  37 that it was.
Since I was in the mood for sewing in the sewing room today, I dug in my stash and came up with a good pink dot for the little trim on my cupcake pillowcase and got this one made, too.
I am feeling good about my accomplishments today.  So stay tuned for some quilted projects as there are a few that are piling up now. 
one more thing....
don't wear black pants when working with minkee.   


  1. Both of those baby quilts are so sweet.
    Know what you mean about Minkee - I made a stuffed animal from it a few years ago and it shed along the cut lines all over my sewing room.
    But the up side is that it really is cuddly soft!

    Your pillow case is really darling - love the cupcake print!

  2. Lol…that darn Minky! Just quilt that stuff up and set that fear free……
    Love that pillowcase!

  3. i haven't tried it yet but want to soon

  4. You are getting so much done! Everything is darling. That's good advice about the pants!



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