Monday, October 13, 2014

Red it is.....

Thank you for all your suggestions on the color of binding to use for this scrappy quilt.  Actually, this is an orphan block quilt.
I had lots of suggestions on Facebook.  Some wanted pink, some yellow, some red; others said all three and even one wanted blue.  I didn't have blue though. Others said to use the backing, but I didn't think this size dot would show well on a binding. 
I really was leaning towards using all three colors, but then it started sounding like math where I was going to have to figure out how many pieces to cut and if I wanted pink next to red and I was thinking this was turning into too much work.  So the comment that really struck me was the one Bert said....."make it easy on yourself and just go red". 
Red is my favorite color and what with the top being busy and the backing being pretty busy, "one" fabric won and  "easy" won out.
....and you know what?  I have a finish!


  1. The quilt turned out absolutely DARLING!
    LOVE the red too!


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