Friday, April 25, 2014

Still prepping....

Getting some things together for the next big quilt retreat.
I had previously shown these three Hearts and Hands star blocks without their centers.
Since then I have cut out all the strips that I will need to make another 50 of these star blocks.
Next step was to get the centers cut out and get a running stitch done so that I could gather the circles over the template.
Here's my stack of circles (53). They kind of remind me of cupcake papers.
Now I have all 53 centers gathered up, pressed and ready to applique to the star blocks that will be made at retreat.  Now I have no excuses not to get going on this quilt.  These blocks may be time consuming, but I am well on my way. 
Now to come up with a couple other projects for retreat.  That means I have to dig into the UFO pile and see what is next.  I should probably just do eenie, meenie, minee, moe. 


  1. Your Hearts and Hands star blocks should keep you busy at retreat... they look time consuming, but they are beautiful! Have fun at retreat!

  2. Congrats on getting all of the beautiful center circles prepped for retreat.
    I really love these blocks of yours - they turn out gorgeous!

  3. Fifty is a lot but the quilt will be oh so wonderful in the end.


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