Friday, August 9, 2013

I should be.......

Working on this.....
or this....(the wedding quilt)
or this.....(the christening gown)
(of course, I have ripped this out three times and will be ripping it out one more time.  I have since learned about "life lines", so I will see if that works for me.  If I still have the same problem, then maybe it is the pattern and not me, so then I will be moving on to another pattern).
I should be playing with this.....
....but I do have to confess that I did just pulled this quilt off of Millie Faye.
and I used the "popcorn" panto on it.
Instead, I have been reading my Nook and working on these for the baby shower that is coming up. 
These dish cloths will be added to some of our "prize" gifts, so I have been busy knitting away on these. ....and planning the shower.....and getting ready to can tomatoes....and packing for the Grand Rapids AQS quilt show.  "grin"  I am looking forward to that. 
I will be meeting up with some good friends, shopping for some more long arm stuff, eating, shopping, laughing, shopping, so on and so on. 
Then it will be back home to make the final arrangements for the baby shower for my daughter.  Next month is the wedding shower for my son and then October is when both the BIG things happen. 
Yikes!!!! I need to get busy.


  1. You have a lot of things going on, haven't you? Your quilting looks great! So glad you were able to get something done on the longarm!

  2. Where is the year going??? You have some very busy times coming up! I just love your scrappy basket WIP... I pinned it to my "Q is for Quilts" board on Pinterest!


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