Sunday, July 21, 2013


The baskets are finally together.
This is not going to be my flattest or most square quilt that I have made. 
No matter how I have tried, it's just not doing what it is supposed to do.
I am thinking that with all the homespuns thrown in with the regular cotton fabrics it has kind of thrown this whole quilt out of whack.
But.... I have applied the first 1 1/2" borders to help square it up before I get onto the next steps.
It's probably more square now, but there are still some pooches in there that I am really not happy about.  I guess this will be my problem quilt when I get it to the long arm. 
Also, got some time in today on the christening gown.
Here it is at 22 rows. 
It's taking some concentration with all the yarn overs and what nots, so I am working on it a little at a time.  I am hoping because it is a "small" project, that I will be able to get it done without too much delay. 
Ok...that's it for me for right now. 
Happy quilting.  


  1. Busy, Busy!! You sure do have some beautiful things to show for it, though.

  2. Your basket quilt looks beautiful sewn together!
    You've made wonderful progress on it.
    That christening gown is already looking very delicate and beautiful too!

  3. I often have a problem with an on point setting like yours getting everything to equal out. I just quilt worrying about it as there is always someone who loves the finished product.

  4. The quilt baskets are looking good and what a nice job.....I love the natural colors and makes it a very striking look. Bet the quilting will bring it all together.

  5. Your baskets are are the baskets in you Header picture!! I am a sucker for baskets...and have added both these quilts to my TO DO LIST!

  6. Love those baskets ! I want to start on this quilt this winter when I get caught up on my UFOS .

  7. I love your basket quilt! The knitting looks amazing already. I'd have to be on my own to concentrate on a pattern that complex.

  8. LOVE your basket quilt! Seeing it makes me want to add it the ever growing list of "to do's..."

    Those are some very delicate looking rows you are knitting... how precious!

  9. It looks great to me. This quilt has been on my list forever!

  10. Baskets are really nice and the christening gown will be an heirloom! Have you considered a doing bloglovin'?


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