Friday, July 19, 2013

Too many irons.... the fire.
I have my blocks sewn together.
These are just two of the 12.
I have them numbered with my numbered pins so that I know where I wanted them to go.
These pins have really come in handy.
I am in the process of trimming these up and then putting them in rows.
But hey!  Apparently this wasn't enough to keep me busy. My DD who is expecting wants a "knitted or crocheted" christening gown.
So, being the wonderful mother and Mimi (grandmother) that I am.....
I am now knitting. 
I am going to add a few more lace rows to the bottom of this dress to make it longer.
There just aren't enough hours in a day.


  1. Scrappy baskets. Nice! I don't have time to get in the scrap basket right now but seeing these tempt me.

  2. and enough days in the week. Looking forward to seeing all your baskets together.

  3. Busy Chick! Cant wait to see that gown!

  4. Your baskets are coming along great. THat baby gown will be gorgeous!



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