Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two quilts going home....

Part of the New Year's clean up in the sewing room was to get a couple quilts that belonged to my son back to him. 

This one was made by his grandmother back in the 80s.   It was a die-cut kit  that she hand button-hole stitched and the quilting bee ladies from the church hand quilted it.  

Here's a close up of her beautiful stitching.  It could almost pass for machine satin stitching.  

She only made six quilts that I know of in her lifetime and they were for her six grandkids.

I had this one to wash and to finally put a label on this quilt.  Thank goodness my mother-in-law gave me the dates for each of the quilts so that I could put the history of them on the back of the quilts. 

Then there was the choo-choo train quilt that was my son's when he was a little boy made for him by my mom.  This was a much loved quilt and had lots of wear and tear on it.  

The quilt had to be bound to cover the thread bare edges; and the trains hat and scarf which were made with  seersucker  were falling to pieces, so I appliqued over those pieces.  I nearly gave up on this because it just wasn't fun. 35-year-old son wanted his quilt and I wanted it out of my sewing room. 


So here he is with his "choo-choo train" quilt.  LOL!!

Two down, one more to go for him, but that one will be another post all by itself.  

So, that makes two more things off my check list of things to do in the sewing room.  Every little check mark makes me smile. 

Happy quilting!


  1. Checking things off the list is great, but even better than that is your son wanting his quilts repaired. I love it!

  2. I can see why he wanted his "choo choo" quilt back, this is stinkin' cute!! yeah to ticking things off your list!


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