Friday, January 11, 2013

Help me save this quilt......

This is the third quilt of my son's that I need to do something with so that I can get it "out" of my sewing room and get on to "my" things. 

I  love this quilt and have won ribbons and $$$ with it.  It is my son's wedding quilt (he is a landscape architect), so the pattern seemed to fit.  

Here's a close up.

Anyways, a few years back, he went through a very nasty divorce. 

Now he is engaged to someone that we love  dearly and she likes this quilt, but the problem is this.....

The back of the quilt is covered in signatures  in the light colored areas.  54 out of 100 of those light rectangles have signatures on them.  

My original thought was to applique a rectangle over them, but that is more work than I want to put into this quilt.  I have more fun things that I want to move on to.  

So, I am looking for suggestions on what I can do on the 54 blocks or all of them if need be....dye?.....pen?.....crayon?....????  that won't go through to the front of the quilt and ruin it.  

Please help.  I want this done and over with.  I would appreciate any suggestions.  

Thanks ahead of time.  


  1. Pretty quilt. Fabric ink and a solid background stamp?

  2. Put a duplicate back on it - cover up the whole thing and zig zag around the edges - do some hand stitching or tying to hold it to the "real" back.

  3. is it hanging on a wall or are they using it?
    you could wonder under a light piece of fabric on top of the signature rectangles and then not have to do anything else!
    but if they are using it I think then hand appliquing is the way to go , set a goal 5 a day till its done and out of the sewing room .

  4. Isopropyl alcohol will sometimes take ink stains out of fabric (without hurting the fabric) ... worth a try?

  5. You could unpick the binding and add another back on top of the original one.
    A few black thread,double stitches here and there will hold it, then on with the binding
    Out of sight out of mind.

  6. I'm with the above, take the binding off, put a new back on it, and just stitch in the ditch in rows to hold the new back, rebind, and be down with it. This is time and work, but might be easier than going block by block.

  7. The son deserves a new wedding quilt. The old one is beautiful and congrats on the awards, however, it's time to move on. Pack it away, give it away, donate it, but please, for the new bride to be---give her a new quilt.

  8. Anonymous.... I fully intend to make the bride and groom a new quilt, but my son got this one out of the divorce and asked me to do something with the signatures. I have been getting a lot of replies, many of which are not on this blog and I have come to the conclusion that I need to ask a few more quetions of my son and his new bride-to-be IF they really want this quilt in their home.....especially the fiance....AND BEFORE I go through all the trouble of doing something to the back. I will let you all know what the final decision is on this quilt.



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