Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh my Gosh!!!

Where was this article two weeks ago when I was gutting, purging, cleaning and organizing my sewing room?

I could have written this article!!!

Of course, now I have to show you my cleaned sewing room (no before pictures as it was quite depressing).
Closet #1
All boxes are labeled.
Closet #2
Clean sewing table.
Straightened out cupboard.
Ironing board to the side of the cupboard.  According to the article, I will have to get rid of that brown paper bag.  There is a project in there and it IS easily forgotten because I can't see it. 
It pays to be organized.  Sure glad I started out the new year with an organized sewing room. 
Now to get busy!  



  1. Guess what I was doing today. Still not done but it sure feels good. Thanks for the link. You made a lot of headway. :)

  2. Thank you for the link - will need to check that out. You have your sewing machine area set up the way I want to do mine - just need to find a way to rearrange my room. Having that extra area off to the left of a sewing machine is terrific.
    Enjoy your newly reorganized area!

  3. I will check it out today, I got into a box last projects are fairly organized, it's my brain that gets all over the board! and yes, brown bags and things behind closed doors tend to stay there!



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