Saturday, October 27, 2012

What am I working on?

I am going to call it a calendar, but it really isn't.

It's a block of the month, but it really isn't a block.

Our guild is offering a monthly pattern for the calendar/BOM and the first part is the background "quilt".  I am doing it mostly in homespuns, but my stash is made up of fat quarters  or smaller.  

So my friend Sandy over at sent me her "beloved" stash of homespuns (actually I can't imagine her using homespuns, so don't know how that happened) and I ordered some larger pieces  on line.  I couldn't really get started without the extra pieces, so lo and behold, they both showed up yesterday while I was watching my little guy, Cole. 

He was my helper and wanted to sew with me, so first we opened the packages and this is what I got from Sandy. 

and this was my order.

So I started cutting and laying out the first quilt (each month is its own little quilt).

Then sewn together.

Unusual, huh?  Well this is the base quilt "top" and  the lighter section is where little quilts will hang that represent each month.

Next step is fusing the hearts and letters down the side  in either the family name or "welcome".  

This is the little quilt for October that is all stitched and ready to quilt.

This shows the "welcome" added to the background quilt. (both are just flimsys here)

I still have a lot of work to do on the  background quilt.  Machine applique the hearts and the letters, layer the quilt and quilt it, then bind it.  But as you can see above the little quilt is a little farther along.  

I have to have both of these 100% done before I can get next month's patterns and I believe we will be getting two ....a snowman and a santa.  

If you have the fabric, it makes getting things done a lot easier, so I am hoping to have these both done in plenty of time.  

I'll post pictures of the two completed quilts hopefully very soon. 


  1. This is so cute! Please post each month's little quilt as you complete them! Love October!

  2. This will be fun to watch your progress! I had tons of homespuns and in a fit of reorganizing gave most of them to a friend who does reenactments. Apparently the thought was that I was entering a new phase in quilting with different tastes...I sure miss those homespuns...sigh..

    Love that pumpkin!!

  3. That is gonna be too cute! How fun that Cole got to help open the goodies!

  4. Super cute, it's a great idea to have banners for all the seasons. Those are great home spuns, perfect for this project.

  5. This is just adorable---I love plaids/homespuns and I KNOW I'm going to LOVE these BOMs. This one is just too cute with the pumpkin. :)

  6. Mimi it's adorable! Looks like Cole had a grand time helping out. I wish you could share the BOM on line. This is something I'd love to make too.
    Nice seeign what you've been doing again. Jane


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