Monday, October 29, 2012

taa daaahhh

Seasonal calendar is all done.  

Two weeks ahead of time before the next block (mini quilt) patterns are handed out at guild.  

Here is the Fall pumpkin completed.

with a little close up to see the vine stitch my Elna does. 

Base quilt is done.  (other than I have to get rid of my marking lines)

hmmm.....looks like "angry eyes" up there.  LOL

Here's a close up of my quilting.  


Finished project.

Next will be a snowman and a Santa. 

Stay tuned.  


  1. What a fun project... so cute! Love your pumpkin and your quilting!

  2. Faye, your finishes, especially being 2 weeks ahead of the next installments are terrific. I'm so excited to see the next phases and just wish I lived near enough to be part of your guild. Jane


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