Friday, November 9, 2012

Up for a little show and tell?

I met up with my mini group today for some lunch, some chatting  and a little show and tell.

Thought I would share with you some of the lovely things my friends had to show. 

Sharon is working on completing her pink star quilt  that will be a gift for a little girl.

Here she has her little star blocks just pinned trying to figure if this is what she wants to do. 

She says it is still not big enough, so there will still be some designing going on. 

Sharon is, also, working on a chunky cowl.  She has made a couple and they have all been very gorgeous.  

and when Sharon doesn't have anything better to do, she is making some very tiny yo-yos

Nancy had plenty to show.

She has been putting together some charity quilts for our guild.  Here are four of them.


Penguins (flannel)

Jungle animals

and a quilt for a teen

For herself she has put together a few very pretty quilts. 

I don't know the pattern name of this one.

Scrappy quilt

Pickle dish with a little hint of the fun backing.

and this adorable Halloween quilt.

Such eye candy!   I am feeling sooooo motivated. 

Hope you enjoyed the little show. I know I did today.  

My stuff?  You've all seen it before here on the blog.  Nothing new for now from me, but stay tuned.  


  1. fun show and tell! I especially liked the pickle dish and the halloween quilt! fun stuff

  2. It was great seeing you Chicks today and I sure did enjoy our Show and Tell!

  3. Thanks for the show and tell! Some little girl is going to be real happy with her pink star quilt! The pink and grey quilt is really pretty... great colors and an interesting design. Lovin' the pickle dish quilt, and what's not to love about the Halloween goodie! How festive!

  4. Very fun quilts - that Halloween quilt is terrific!! Somewhere in my box of patterns to do is a Pickle Dish Quilt - wish we could have longer days to do it all...

    Thank you for this show and tell and lots of inspiration!

  5. Great show and tell. LOVE the star quilt!!



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