Sunday, October 7, 2012

Miscuts = design decisions

I don't know what's going on with my head lately, but  in the last one week, I have made two....yes...I said "two" mis-cuts on the backing for my Swoon quilt.
I bought 6 yards of the aqua houndstooth to make the backing.
One seam...that's all I wanted to do.  I was just a few inches short to do a vertical cut, so I decided to do three horizontal pieces.  Don't know what I was thinking, but this is where I made the first mis-cut where I didn't make it wide enough. 
Put it away.....
Then a week later, I decided to get at it again.  Thought I had it all figured out and did the necessary piecing and lo and behold, I forgot to add the necessary 4" all around for the longarmer.  That's another 8" that needed to be added. (sigh)
This backing was turning into a real chore.
Anyways, it is done now with two miscuts/design decisions later. Here it is (folded) showing the asymmetrical aqua dots.  I am sure it will look "interesting once it is all together. 
Binding was made (without a problem, thank goodness).
And now the quilt is on the "to be quilted" pile.
I even got around to printing the label for the BTCT quilt tonight, too. 
I am so ready to start something new.


  1. That'll teach ya to want to make a boring quilt backing! LOL You got this quilt together pretty quickly!

  2. This topic is something that I have been looking into for a while now and your insight is exceptional. Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. You are not alone , that has happened to me a few times .

  4. PCB Design.....not sure that this was very insightful....just desperation. I don't mind making pieced backings, but only when I want to ....not HAVE to. LOL


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