Saturday, August 25, 2012


I am back from Grand Rapids, MI and I may have only spent one day there this year, but believe me, you can't come away from one of the best quilt shows and not be inspired. 


This is the first annual AQS quilt show here, but I think the venue was perfect and I hope they have many more in the future. 

The new rules of AQS for not posting pictures are a little tight, but I took a couple close ups (hope that is ok) just to show you some of the great quilting and applique. 

Love me some circles.

Love feathers!

I love the variegation on those flowers.  

You can go to the AQS website and see all the winners.

I came away from this show feeling like it was "home town week".   I ran into friends from the Internet, friends from my guild, and people who I had taken classes with (Gwen Marston's and Karen Stone's) in the past.  

I didn't come away empty handed either.  

I had to pick up Gwen Marston's Medallion book because I personally know three people who were fortunate enough to get their quilts pictured in the book.  How exciting for them!

I think I finally have collected all the fabrics that I need for the Gathering Baskets, too; so it may be time to get that quilt cut out soon.  

Can't wait to try out these new "numbered" pins to be used as reminders as to which block goes in which order.  It will save on a lot of "stickies" for me.  

Can't wait for next year's show.  Hope to see you there.  


  1. I'm so glad you got to go to the show and especially glad you got to see friends!! (Wish I was one of them, though!) And I LOVE your loot!!!

  2. Like the idea of those numbered pins. l am always making paper numbers, then throwing them in the bin for lack of where to keep them. Those pins would be right at home in the pincushion till needed. Now to find them here in Australia!

  3. How fortunate to have the show there. I think you got some great stuff, love those pins too.

  4. Love those litte sneak peek pictures! lol
    It sounds like you had a great time at the show! I can see you found a few wonderful purchases too.

    Looking forward to following your progress on Gathering Baskets. I love the pattern and I just know that your take on it will be gorgeous!



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