Friday, August 31, 2012

Binding my Beyond the Cherry Trees

After saying I wasn't going to work on this quilt because it is SOoooo heavy and big and the weather has been SOoooo hot this summer (100 degrees), you would think I would have chosen a cooler day to work on it  (it's only been 95 degrees today). Well, I guess when you get the urge to get into the quilt room and that quilt has been calling your name, you do what you have to do.  

I decided to put the binding on my quilt. 

So, now it is machine stitched on, trimmed and the binding clips are on (one side at least)


So, if I can stand the heat, I am going to start hand stitching this baby down.  

I used Superior Threads Masterpiece thread that was in a box of neutrals by Alex Anderson.  It worked great in the machine and now I am going to see how well it works with my hand stitching.  I have never used this thread and picked up this set at the Grand Rapids AQS quilt show last weekend, so I am really interested on how well it works.  I am sure many of you have used it, but I will give you my opinion once I am done.  

Hope to get a sleeve on and a label on real soon and then I will be sending out applications for quilt shows.  Keeping my fingers crossed that someone wants it for their show.  We'll see. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012


I am back from Grand Rapids, MI and I may have only spent one day there this year, but believe me, you can't come away from one of the best quilt shows and not be inspired. 


This is the first annual AQS quilt show here, but I think the venue was perfect and I hope they have many more in the future. 

The new rules of AQS for not posting pictures are a little tight, but I took a couple close ups (hope that is ok) just to show you some of the great quilting and applique. 

Love me some circles.

Love feathers!

I love the variegation on those flowers.  

You can go to the AQS website and see all the winners.

I came away from this show feeling like it was "home town week".   I ran into friends from the Internet, friends from my guild, and people who I had taken classes with (Gwen Marston's and Karen Stone's) in the past.  

I didn't come away empty handed either.  

I had to pick up Gwen Marston's Medallion book because I personally know three people who were fortunate enough to get their quilts pictured in the book.  How exciting for them!

I think I finally have collected all the fabrics that I need for the Gathering Baskets, too; so it may be time to get that quilt cut out soon.  

Can't wait to try out these new "numbered" pins to be used as reminders as to which block goes in which order.  It will save on a lot of "stickies" for me.  

Can't wait for next year's show.  Hope to see you there.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grand Rapids AQS show

Been feeling down because of the roller coaster I have been on regarding the AQS show in my state.

Got home from work with this in the mail though and gave me a real pick me up. 

These are from my friend, Sandy.  They are serrated scissors for applique. I love them!!!

You can check out Sandy's blog here....

As for the show.....

Wasn't planning on going as we had a wedding to attend.

Wedding got canceled, so made plans to attend.

Those plans fell through.

Now I am planning on at least going for the day myself. 

I can't wait.  

Check out the link below from the Detroit News.  It's the flash mob of quilters on the first day of the show.  
What fun!!

I may only be going for the day, but I hope to have lots to report when I get back.  

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm back.....

Was gone on vacation for eleven days.  

You would  find me behind the camera with  my feet up (see them at the bottom of the picture?) gazing out at the beautiful sky, beautiful lake and my grandsons enjoying fishing and playing in the water most of the time.

We took a couple side trips to the dunes (MI)

In the forests for hikes.

In keeping with the quilting theme....I did make it to a quilt shop in Reed City, MI and picked up a few pieces of fabric.

The first three are for my Gathering Baskets that I have been collecting for quite some time now.  The orange-y dots were  for "just because I love them and the lighter fabric I thought would be a great backing for a baby quilt.  

When the whole family was gone and I was on my own for a day, my girlfriend and I ran into Cadillac, MI to see an art exhibit that was spread out all  over town.  

This was a traveling bronze sculpture exhibit by I. Seward Johnson.  It was fun running all over town looking for them.  

This guy was in the park.

Taking pictures

At the Dairy Queen

Ladies in the park


At the library

Cleaning up the park

Street musician


Outside the local Newspaper

Do not litter

I decided to join the ladies at the park  ;D

Anyways, it was a very enjoyable exhibit.

Been home for four days and back to work to a new computer system, so this week has been hectic. 

I have started a knitting project, but I have ripped it out three times.  Right now I am trying to straighten out the mess of yarn that I just unraveled, so no pictures of this project yet.  I refuse to give up on this one, so  eventually I will show you some progress....not the unraveled mess that I have right now.  

Hopefully, too, I can get back to my quilting this weekend.  I am anxious to get back to my quilting rhythm that I had before vacation.  

So, be patient, I will have some things to share soon.  

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