Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I had hoped to be further along, but life gets in the way sometimes, but at least I have the rows together on the Swoon quilt. 

All the other sashes are cut and ready to go.  I just need to do some measuring before cutting and it will  be a complete quilt top in no time.  

Also, added a little applique to the one Swoon block that just wasn't cutting it for me, but rather than throw it away, I thought I would add this little heart and stitch it up as an NICU quilt.

I think this block can stand on its own now.  It just didn't work in the quilt with the group. 

NICU quilts usually have to be around 22 inches.  This one measures 24 right now, but by the time I quilt is and wash it, it may be closer to the 22 inches in the end.  Either way, I am happy it has been repurposed.  

Placed an order with the Fat Quarter Shop on-line for my binding for the Cherry Tree quilt.  I didn't have enough scraps in my stash to do a respectable binding, so I have ordered just one more French General fabric so that I can finish that quilt.  

Hope to have more to report very soon.  Keep cool wherever you are.  It was only 101 degrees here today!   


  1. Swoon is looking FABULOUS! I think the applique' heart in the center of that block is perfect! It makes a great statement about YOU and your passion/love for making pieced and applique' quilts.

  2. 24" IS about 22" so it will make a WONDERFUL NNICU quilt!!

    Love how your Swoon quilt is shaping up!

    And just how much French General did you order for that binding?? I think you only need about a half yard..................

  3. I like the red & white quilt block that is hanging prominently from the ironing board. Good design and using red & white makes the star pop.


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