Friday, July 20, 2012

Swoon is a flimsy.....

Don't know why, but this one gave me some trouble, but finally it is a quilt top.


I had ideas of grandeur that this one was going to get all done while at retreat last month, but no way.  I did more ripping out on this quilt than any that I can remember.  

Maybe it is because I have been in applique mode for so many months and not piecing anything, or maybe at retreat I was just talking and laughing too much.  But now I can say that this one is done and is going on the "to be quilted" pile for a little while.  

I have thought of buying one of the wovens  for the backing, but I did that for my Beyond the Cherry Trees and my quilter said it was very stretchy and took a lot of time to continually smooth it out, so...I am going to have to see what the French General line has to offer. Maybe something from the new line that is coming out will work  

Well, I feel good.  Now I have promised myself to get to the houndstooth baby quilt and get that top done next....but my daughter has asked for a valance for her kitchen, so maybe that will have to be first. That should be easy enough and then I can get back to my things again.  

Happy quilting!!!


  1. So pretty! I have 2 more blocks to go.

  2. I just love the French General fabric in this quilt. I am also making this quilt with only 3 blocks done so far. I also have been having difficulties with these blocks too so don't feel alone ;-)

  3. What a great topper, this will be a special quilt when its all done. I wish I had a flimsy to show. hahah. I thought I would get 8 or 9 paper pieced blocks done on my sew day, I don't think I finished 2 of them. I'm a chatty cathy too!

  4. So Pretty! I think that one will be gorgeous when quilted. Looking forward to seeing it!


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