Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cherry Tree and Swoon

In 100 degree weather I talked my husband and one of my sons-in-law to hold up my quilt.  It doesn't have it's binding on yet, but this is to give you a good look at the whole thing quilted.  I'll think about binding it  when it's not so sweltering. 

Here's a closer look at the quilting. 

Also, today, I finished up my last block for Swoon.

....and here are all nine laid out.

They still need sashing, but at least all the blocks are done now.  

Happy Fourth of July!!!


  1. BTCT -- oh, my -- that turned out incredibly awesome! I'm so glad it is back in your house safe and sound. Utterly gorgeous work! I'm also in love with those Swoon blocks and might just have to get that pattern. Great job on both!!

  2. Beautiful!! Love your swoon blocks too! I am on 5 now. Will try to post pics today.

  3. It's absolutely stunning!! Thanks for letting us ride along with you during its making!!

  4. The quilting makes an already beautiful quilt even more so.

  5. I love your quilt. I was so disappointed to discover BTCT after it was no longer available for free. What a heirloom piece you have there. Terrific job.

  6. LOVE your Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt!!! STUNNING! And your Header quilt is amazing!! Gorgeous!! WOW!!

  7. its an heirloom Mimi! Stunning!!

    And I see your swoon blocks. Mine are all into a top to be quilted--when life slows down a little.

    The swoon pattern gave me a mental block---I think it was the directions. I need the different fabrics shown as two very contrasting colors in the diagrams. I made 12 blocks. Ripped and ripped on 11 of them! 3 or 4 I threw away as I had cut them from FQ's and cut ONE piece wrong. GRRRRRRRR! Had to toss them out---I CRIED!! But I do like the top!

  8. Amazing! Such an achievement, you should be very proud of your beautiful work.

  9. I love love your Cherry tree quilt!
    What a labor of Love!


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