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Friday, June 29, 2012

There are just days you shouldn't sew......

Yup...something just wasn't right and to top it off, this is the one I had problems with at retreat and thought I had fixed it this afternoon after doing some ripping out and re-sewing.  (sigh).

So, instead of calling it a day, I ripped yet again. 

....and then I had # 4 Swoon block.  

So, I thought I am finally on the right road. 

I put this one (#5) together, but now I am not so sure I like it all that much. 

Oh darn.....there is just not enough contrast in this block. 

Maybe I will just put this block on the back of the quilt  and cut out a new one if I have enough French General scraps to do it. 

Then I started sewing #6 and then this happened. 

I grabbed two instead of one when I was trimming.  Thank goodness I didn't totally ruin the segment.  All I had to do was put another background square on it.  

I have laid out block #6.

I think I will sew this one together tomorrow.  I am getting frustrated and don't want to make anymore mistakes. 

Do you have days like this?


  1. I think we have all had days like this. I remember being in a workshop and spending hours (seriously) learning how to paper piece, and when I finally got the block all together, after unsewing it several times, instead of trimming the seam allowance, I cut the block in 2 pieces. That project still lives in a box, and that was in 2006.

  2. YES! I had one of those days last week.