Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Betty Davis eyes......

Don't ask me why that song stuck in my head while I was sewing on these eyes.

Anyways, this is Betty the turkey.

I found this pattern on Sandy Gervais' blog  (Pieces of my Heart)   back in November 2009.  In fact, that is when I pieced this little quilt.  I did make one little change from hers though.....I added legs.
Apparently life got in the way since I started this little guy/gal.

Well, one wasn't enough, so now I have a flock.

My daughter had seen this and said she wanted one.  The two are made from one charm pack (Amazing) with just a couple more squares added from the stash. 
This is number 3 and 4 from my five little quilts. 

Number 5 is my half-square triangle quilt table topper.

These hst were left overs from another quilt that I made.

Here's a close up of the quilting.

....and here's a look at the backing (one of my favorite fabrics).

Wow....all my little quilts are now finished.  I am a happy camper. 

Now it is time to get the backing made for the Cherry Tree quilt and start getting projects prepped for my upcoming quilt retreat.

See you when I come up for air.


  1. Such great finishes! Love them all.
    Enjoy the retreat!

  2. Love the little quilt and the quilting designs really enhance the HST's. Of course, pink and brown - how can you not love it...

    Your turkeys are much cuter than the ones that periodically stroll through our yard...and I like those legs:o)

  3. I love your little quilts, the quilting looks amazing, especially the feathers. I think I have that song stuck in my brain now.

  4. Congrats on finishing so many of these beautiful little quilts! Those Turkey quilts are adorable! The pink & brown hst quilt is beautiful. After working so long on BTCT I'll bet it feels great to have a few finishes!



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