Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fairy dust....

Someday, I hope this little quilt puts some little baby to sleep with the fairy dust that the little fairies are dispensing.

This is the second of five little quilts I got back from the quilter. 

I had bought this fabric bundle a couple years ago with no pattern in mind other than to just make a baby quilt that I could put in the ready made stash of baby quilts that I want to have ahead of time, so that I am not rushing to get a quilt made for some mommy-to-be  at the last minute.  The problem with buying a bundle and not using it right away is  you may end up with a shortage of fabrics.  So  for this border I tried to make it interesting with what I had. 


I just have to show you the  backing that shows the quilting  my quilter, Karen, did.  It is an  adorable daisy and leaf panto and I think it is just perfect. 

Ok..onto the next little quilt. 


  1. This is such a pretty quilt. I love the soft colors.

  2. What a precious little quilt Faye!
    I think the fabrics are really sweet and just love the daisy quilting design that was added to it!
    So Smart to prepare ahead like this! I know a new Mommy will LOVE to receive this!



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