Monday, April 2, 2012

Down at the farm....

Spent the weekend at my friends home away from home (the farm) where there were five of us crafting and sewing.  My camera was at the bottom of my suitcase, so I didn't get pictures the first day when there were more quilts out for show'n'tell, but here are some of the things that were going on from Friday to Sunday.

Nancy was working on her tiny log cabins.

She was also working on her little baskets, too.

Sharon was comtemplating on how big to make her scrappy "bright" quilt.

Last I heard, it was still growing.

She, also, made the final decision on how to put her lady liberty blocks together.

Jess was scrapbooking and got well over 30 pages done.  In the background is another one of Sharon's creations in solids.  I  love it. 

Allison made earrings....130 pairs in fact!  They are going to be gifts for the bridal shower she is giving soon. 

As for  me.....what else?  I have been appliquing my little fingers off.

Side two is on the quilt (to be trimmed when I am done).

Side three is well on its way. 

Oh, did you notice the orangey "shirts" quilt that is, also, Sharon's? 

We all made lots of progress and had a very enjoyable weekend. 

Now it's back to appliquing leaves on border #3.  I'll be back soon.


  1. The pix make me drool, so much eye candy, looks like a terrific weekend for you and your pals.

  2. Oh boy - just how small are those log cabin blocks?? Love the setting and her piecing looks spot on! The Lady Liberty blocks are so striking!

    Looks like everyone accomplished a lot...our own retreat isn't until November...sigh...

  3. What a talented group of friends! Looks like everyone got a lot accomplished too! Your BTCT quilt is almost done now.... you're making great progress on it!

  4. Your 'Beyond the cherry trees' quilt is beautiful. I love the colours you are using.



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