Friday, March 23, 2012


Went into the sewing room just to glue baste my leaves onto my second (right side) border for BTCT quilt. 

Then I was interrupted by the mailman who brought me this.

It's a bumper sticker that I won because I became a "fan" on Facebook for the group called "The Faces of Kawasaki Disease". 

I haven't talked about this, but my grandson was diagnosed with this just a few weeks ago.  He is just 5.  We won't know how he has been affected by this disease until the 28th of this month when he goes through a whole battery of tests  to see if there is any damage to his heart.  This is a very rare disease and there isn't a whole lot known about it, so they have put it into the "auto immune disease" category.   Anyway,  we have been on pins and needles for several weeks now and saying a lot of prayers. If you are interested in finding out more about this disease, check it out on Facebook or just Google "Kawasaki Disease". 

Well, back to the sewing room......I started thinking of how short life is so I  thought I would get some of  my small quilts organized and send them off to the quilter.  I was going to do them, but obviously, they are not getting done and a couple of them are over two years old.   So, I have been finding backings and piecing batting scraps together and have four of them ready for the quilter.

This is a Schnibbles quilt and it is lying on its backing.

I have two turkeys.

This baby quilt is going.

Love the backing for this one.

But now this one which is just a bunch of left over blocks (hst) from my Crows in the Corner still needs borders and I can't remember what I had bought for it (doesn't pay to clean up your sewing room and organize your fabrics).  So I am interviewing several different fabrics here.

Any opinions?

Ok....I need to get back in there and straighten up the mess that I just made. 

Happy quilting!


  1. So you do the applique on the cut out strips of border fabric before you add the border to the quilt? And, is there a formula one needs to follow when making a long piece of vine-stem for a long border, or just make it long enough to fit and trim off the excess? I'm going to give doing one on my log cabin quilt. I notice you have the freezer paper templates on the top of the fabric. I've done some applique that way, as well as the other ways. You have lovely quilts there!

  2. Girl, let me know if you need any pinks and browns to finish those blocks up with...bcuz I still have plenty left over from mine!
    Lots of pretty quilts will be great to have them quilted and DONE!

  3. Wow, if you get all those quilted that will be a whole bunch of UFO's checked off!! They are all beautiful. I like the fabric in the top middle of the auditioned fabrics. And I love the way you did the borders on the baby quilt.

    ((hugs and prayers)) for the grand!! Have in there Mimi.

  4. I will keep your grandson in my prayers... hoping for good news later this month!

    Lots of lovely quilts tops! The BTCT border progress is looking great.

  5. Wow lots of wonderful projects there. Love the last one with the pink and beige hst. The fabric in the bottom right hand corner looks like a good match.

    Will keep your grandson in thought. ((Hugs))


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