Saturday, February 18, 2012

One thing leads to another.....

My goal was to get into the sewing room today....which I did.

I got my Beyond the Cherry Tree blocks together finally. 

This is going to be one big quilt.  I had to just drape it over my portable design wall for now, but will need to lay it somewhere so that I can place my borders. 

Before I could sew today though, I had to move these.  They  have been sitting on my sewing table for a few days.

I had asked my husband to save me a few of these for an organization project that I saw on Pinterest.  If you don't know about, you have to check that site out.  It wonderful!!!

Anyways, he said he had already been saving them and came up with an armful for me. I hadn't planned on getting to this project so quickly.  So, to sew, I had to either move them or use them.  So, I cleaned out a little corner of one of my sewing drawers and this is what was in there.....a bunch of odds and ends.

I took the Altoid boxes and labeled them and organized my odds and ends.

I love being organized!

Well, back to sewing.....I pulled all my neutrals that I used for my backgrounds and prayed that I had enough to make my scrappy border. (It's only been a 29-month BOM!! and did I know what I wanted to do for my borders 29 months ago?...Nooooooo)

There wasn't a lot, but I did get enough cut that should cover all four borders and I didn't use all of these fabrics either.  Once I get this quilt laid out somewhere that I am able work all the way around  and place scrappy pieces in their places, then I will cut and sew.  Once the borders are made,  then I can start my applique.  In the picture above of all my odds and ends, you will see my freezer paper leaves that are just about ready to be placed on green fabric.  These are the leaves for just one side of the border.  Thank goodness I have almost ALL my cherries made for the borders. 


  1. What a spectacular quilt! I've got to find the patterns. Can't wait to see your finished quilt top!

  2. Don't have a lot left over, Hmmm????
    That's why The Chicks always encourage you to buy a little bit more.....
    More Is Better.
    This is certainly going to be an exquisite quilt.

  3. Wow! The end is in sight. That is so pretty! Love your organizing, too!

  4. It does seem like 29 months doesn't it? Can't remember when we actually started...will need to look that up!

    Look at you though - all those appliqued blocks together at is wonderful and your scrappy border preparation sounds intriguing...

  5. beautiful blocks oh my love this quilt, I had better get started on it soon! I really love that you did your backgrounds scrappy.
    ok this is such a great tip guess I had better start eating altoids! thanks for sharing and oh I love your basket quilt in your header, just love that!!!!

  6. I SO love this quilt! Well worth the 29 months of work! I hope the border part goes quickly for you!
    Great storage tips on the Altoids tins - thanks for sharing them on your blog!

  7. I keep coming back to look at your quilt. It's stunning! Good idea on the tins. You're so organized!!


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