Saturday, February 25, 2012

I see a pattern here....

I went to a quilt show today at Canterbury Village in Lake Orion, MI.  The show was held in  Kings Court  Castle.  The show was put on by Great Lakes Heritage Quilt Guild.
I just have to share with you the many applique quilts that I found to be stunning. 

Forgive me, these were taken with my I-phone and I had them all edited to be upright, but for some reason they are now in their original position....sideways.  Don't know why I bothered to go through all the trouble to straighten them out. 

These 9-patch within a 9-patch blocks were smaller than the width of my I-phone.

I have to say these quilts were wonderful to see, but the lighting for this show left a lot to be desired.  Next time I will know to remember to bring my regular camera, too.  No more sideways pictures.  Hope you don't have a crick in your neck. 

Anyways, it was a good day spent with good friends seeing beautiful quilts. What more could a gal ask for?....oh yeah, more time to sew.  :D

Oh, one final thought.  I need to make this one!!


  1. lol.....At first glance I thought they were all 9 Block Quilts....
    But obviously you (we) were getting all starry-eyed at all the appliqué quilts!

  2. Oh no, make that 6th one you showed. The one with the sideways flowers!

  3. What an awesome quilt show that was! O.M.Gosh... I just love ALL those applique' quilts!
    Such a coincidence that yesterday I starting cutting fabrics for one of those pretty patterns ;D
    Thanks for sharing all of those awesome pictures with us!



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