Monday, October 24, 2011

Whirlwind trip to Chicago....

I don't have much to share about my trip to Chicago other than it went by way too fast. 
We drove 5 hours Friday morning to get there; took a train into the city from the little town we were staying at; walked the "magnificent mile" (although it felt more like 10 miles); did very little shopping (that's why you don't go with your husband); took the train back and crashed at the hotel.

One thing that really caught my eye though were the windows for this really neat clothing shop.

How can a quilter pass this up?

Then, of course, there was Marilyn.

I didn't get close enough to look up her skirt though.  There were a lot of men having their pictures taken  right under her and it was kind of funny.  Personally, I thought this statue just didn't fit in the area, but what do I know?

Saturday we visited friends who had just moved into the area and had a new baby boy just a couple weeks ago.  Then the main reason we were in Chicago was to go to a friend's son's wedding, so that took up pretty much all of Saturday. 

Up bright and early on Sunday and headed home. 

I think I will make plans to go back to Chicago with my daughters so that we can do some damage where shopping is concerned.  Of course, I did break the bank at the Ghiradelli store.  You know....quilting and chocolate go together. 


  1. Wow, a window full of machines ... perfection.

    Yep, you need to go again with your daughters and do the slow shopping thing. Chicago has a lot to offer. It's been several years since I walked the Mile.

  2. So glad you had a good weekend, but you are right about going back with some shopping buddies!


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