Friday, September 30, 2011

Moving right along

It's been a very busy week what with work and my mom in the hospital, but I did make a little progress. 

The infinity scarf was started ( remember I was only going to cast on my stitches) on Thursday evening and by Sunday, I had soaked it, blocked it and waited for it  to dry.

I love it.  It is theeeeee softest yarn and was so easy to make.  I have been wearing it all day.

I am still plugging away on my next Cherry Tree block and have made just a little progress on it. 

I even threw together another zig zag row of half square triangles that eventually will go into a baby quilt.

The next set of half square triangles are all laid out to make the next row.

I may be making some major  progress this weekend as I have to get myself ready for a mini retreat with my friends next weekend.  So as not to have to take half of my sewing room with me, I need to get my projects cut, pinned, planned and whatever needs to be done to make my load a little lighter.  So....hopefully (barring any unforeseen problems with my mom, health, weather or any black cloud that may be following me) I will be headed up to one of our favorite places to hole away and sew to our hearts content.  I should have plenty to show you  the week after next weekend. 

Happy stitching everyone.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Self control.....

I have none......apparently.

I said I was going to finish another Cherry Tree block before moving onto another project, but I was tempted by my knitting projects.  I have been working on my Cherry Tree block though.  Here's the proof.

Doesn't matter that I still have one more block and one border that I am behind, but that was my deal to myself before I could start knitting.

The first mistake I made was to go to the yarn shop and buy the needles that I needed for one of my knit projects.....then I said, "oh....I will just cast on my first row of stitches" and then it led me here.

I only have to stitch 8 inches worth before it is done.
Hard to believe that these 24" round needles will produce this Infinity scarf.

But I know once I start to bind off the stitches that are on the needles, this thing is just going to GROW!

Oh....and while I was at the yarn shop my eye was drawn to the shawl pins.  I have always admired  them, but just didn't have a need for one.  Well, of course the variegated yarn I bought along with the infinity scarf yarn is for a shawl, so why not buy a scarf pin BEFORE you make the shawl.  Well, that's my reasoning and I am sticking to it.  Guess what I will be starting as soon as this infinity scarf is done?

Isn't it pretty?  I figured shawl or no shawl, I just had to have it.  It is fruitwood with an ebony inlay.  Maybe it is like buying a pair of shoes that you just love and then having to go out and buy an outfit for it.  What do you think?

and...during all this time, I finished another Elm Creek Quilts books, too.

Another good read. 

Pays to have a day to yourself when you  can do anything that you want.  Actually, laundry doesn't count even though I squeezed that in today, too. 

Hope you get to do what you want to do this weekend.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Do I need more projects?

I should be quilting or appliqueing, but I couldn't resist buying some yarn recently while on vacation.

I found this beautiful yarn in a shop in Cedar, Michigan called Wool & Honey...the shop that is. 
Unfortunately she was pretty much sold out of it, but I just had to have the shawl that she had made up in it.
Here's a close up of the yarn.  The shawl is worked from the bottom up, so that the russet color will be near the face. 

The pattern I will be using for this is found here.  It is a free pattern.

Well, with her not having a variety of yarns, I found the gal who makes it on Etsy.

She has a wide array of colors and I can't wait to start working on this project; and she was a pleasure ordering from, too.

Well, one project wasn't enough.  I, also, bought a skein of Malabrigo in a pretty teal color...the official color is #150 Azul Profundo.  Here it is all stretched out.

Don't ask me why I didn't have this balled up at the shop!  It is a "lace" yarn (baby Merino wool), so once I balled it up by hand, it came out to the size of a large egg.

This is going to be made into an eternity scarf.  Here you will find the makers finished scarf. 

I am thinking I need more hours to a day, more days to a week, more days off from work....or maybe I should just not buy more projects and get the ones  that I have started finished.......nah!

Happy (knitting, crocheting, quilting, appliqueing) whatever.  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

No good excuses....

Way too much time has passed since I have last posted; and I really have no good excuse except....Life.
It's been a busy last couple of months.  I can't remember being this busy in such a long time. 

The first thing I have to show is block #22 Cherry Tree

I am still behind two blocks and one border.

I got caught up on my September birthday block exchange; and both of these stars were sent out.  One of them is still in the mail making its way to Canada....truly snail mail. 

 Mary's purple/sage

Wendy's blue/yellow

Then I thought I would get ahead a little and make my October block. 

Cat's teal block

I think there are only two more blocks and I will be done for the year commitment. 

I have purchased some yarn recently and have two projects that I  intend to do, but I will save that for another post....and that post will be much sooner than this one was. 

Have a great day and take a stitch or two for your peace of mind. 

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