Friday, September 23, 2011

Self control.....

I have none......apparently.

I said I was going to finish another Cherry Tree block before moving onto another project, but I was tempted by my knitting projects.  I have been working on my Cherry Tree block though.  Here's the proof.

Doesn't matter that I still have one more block and one border that I am behind, but that was my deal to myself before I could start knitting.

The first mistake I made was to go to the yarn shop and buy the needles that I needed for one of my knit projects.....then I said, "oh....I will just cast on my first row of stitches" and then it led me here.

I only have to stitch 8 inches worth before it is done.
Hard to believe that these 24" round needles will produce this Infinity scarf.

But I know once I start to bind off the stitches that are on the needles, this thing is just going to GROW!

Oh....and while I was at the yarn shop my eye was drawn to the shawl pins.  I have always admired  them, but just didn't have a need for one.  Well, of course the variegated yarn I bought along with the infinity scarf yarn is for a shawl, so why not buy a scarf pin BEFORE you make the shawl.  Well, that's my reasoning and I am sticking to it.  Guess what I will be starting as soon as this infinity scarf is done?

Isn't it pretty?  I figured shawl or no shawl, I just had to have it.  It is fruitwood with an ebony inlay.  Maybe it is like buying a pair of shoes that you just love and then having to go out and buy an outfit for it.  What do you think?

and...during all this time, I finished another Elm Creek Quilts books, too.

Another good read. 

Pays to have a day to yourself when you  can do anything that you want.  Actually, laundry doesn't count even though I squeezed that in today, too. 

Hope you get to do what you want to do this weekend.


  1. I'm prepping a block right now. I've decided to change up one pattern so I've been browsing my book collection for a new pattern/idea. I refuse to head down the slippery slope of another craft, but every time I go the yarn shop with my sister, I walk out with yarn and a pattern. These purchases haven't returned at finished products yet, but winter is coming. Good thing she doesn't come to the quilt shop with me!

  2. What a fun day! And of course you had to knit - it's that time of year. That is going to be one beautiful scarf!!


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