Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Look who is moving into my house.

This is Annie.  Isn't she adorable?

I saw these Annies  first on Sharon's blog ...
She collects them and after she posted pictures of ALL of hers, I just couldn't resist checking out the website where she gets them from which is here... .  I have fallen in love.

If you are into folk art, this is one good place to find some adorable "Annies". 

Also, pulled out the next Cherry Tree block that I intend to work on.....#15

Had it out last night to work on and ended up arranging seating for the wedding and that took a little while, so maybe tonight I will get in a few stitches. 
Probably won't get it done too quickly with the wedding coming up, but at least I will have something to work on while my nerves are getting to me.  

Well, keep cool.  It's in the high 90s here today and sitting here with my laptop isn't all that comfortable, so I will be back later.  Happy quilting. 


  1. WHat's with all the heat everyone is talking about. I'm still under my winter blankets at home and my garden is barely growing. Brrrr. I LVOe your Annie doll, so cute.

  2. Can see why Annie has caught your heart - she is so sweet and those legs just make me grin!


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